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With great expertise and customer diversified demand inherited from mother company XG Technologies. We launched AllSet Electronics. A more informative business division that helps you optimize Bom(bill of material) management while build products with quick delivery time and affordable prices.

370 factories

25 engineers

seasoned staff

Our expertise lies in Bom

Electronic component supply

Material availability and sustainability check

Obsolete & Hard to Find Parts Supply

Alternative part suggestions and supply

Excessive stock management (buy & sell your excessive parts)

What we do

Our services include Pcb(printed circuit board) manufacturing, assembly and bill of material management. You can leave your project with us for turnkey manufacture service. Or consign your materials to us, get hassle-free PCB boards ready assembled in short lead time.


Business Philosophy

We treat our vendors and customers as partners. We work closely with them in pursuing mutual prosperity. Our Partners’ success is our success and we value their competitiveness as we value our own. This belief in partnership has brought us respect and recognition in the industry and will lead us to greater achievements in the future.

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